Congress Took A Pay Cut?

No, not really, just doing an attention span check. And then again, they probably think they did. A word of explanation. Sunday’s Parade magazine had a reader question about what members of Congress might be doing  during  this time of  economic difficulty. I can almost see  the column editor smiling as he mentioned their automatic pay raise that took effect in January. But he hastened to add that their pay is frozen for 2010. Not to worry, the perks remain in effect; free this and that, trips around the world and the best health care imaginable.

Now, is it okay for Congress to get a raise, uh, maybe. In fact, many of them are already quite wealthy and have no need of such. Perhaps a better question would be , did any of them return or refuse said raise? Wonder if they did or even know that’s possible?

Try this though on for size. Ever heard of a Senator or Representative working for free? Mayor Bloomberg of New York, who is quite well-off, works for a $1 annually. How about it congresspeople, wanna set a good example for the voters, show some empathy, actually put our money where your mouth is? Try returning your raise, we’ll all feel better.


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