Homeland Security Holds The Line

Yesterday I wrote briefly about the DHS report warning  of the actions of right wing extremists and further warning of the potential problem that can be caused by returning vets. Now, that last reference should have caused all sorts of outrage, as if the whole idea of such a report did not do it alone.

Today, game on. DHS Secretary Napolitano stuck to her guns today and even insisted veterans were not being singled out. And yes she will meet with the national head of   the American  Legion soon. Curiously she also  said no one would be singled out by ideology, a statement seemingly contradicted by the report itself. Two other little tidbits:

  • The Secretary herself reviewed the report before its release
  • Today, she brought up the name of Timothy McVeigh   as a justification?

There is a flicker of hope in that Congressman Bennie Thompson, Ms who serves as Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, expressed some strong misgivings. Among the cool things that he said  was that he was “dumbfounded” that such a report would be even be issued. He worries that the line has been blurred which guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of association to all Americans. Mr Thompson demanded to know what activities DHS  had planned for” the next several months” .

Stay the course Rep. Thompson, stay the course.


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