My Little Town

For the past few years, we have hung our hats in the northeastern North Carolina town of Elizabeth City. As you can see, it is a picturesque little town located at the narrows of the Pasquotank River.Birdseye view of Elizabeth City As small towns go, it is operated probably no worse or no better than comparably  sized towns, unless you are referring to very high electricity and water rates, but I digress.

Another amusing issue, depending on ones perspective surfaced this week. Earlier this year, City Council  asked city staff to be more vigorous in enforcing rules regarding dumpsters. Now we discover that some 80 citations have been issued to various businesses requiring them to take action to conceal those unsightly waste  receptacles.

Now, none of us are real fond of seeing dumpsters from the road, but wonder why in this economic climate are businesses facing an expense of at least hundreds of dollars? A number of the businesses were surprised by the citations and some comments indicated that the regs were more business friendly in the county.

So, wonder who is the culprit, City Council, the Planning Commission or those evil dumpsters?  Probably only the shadow knows.


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