Little People Who Are Not

Filed under studies that are almost too unbelievable to be believed is a new one  about overweight children. This study discovered that 18% of 4 year old are youngsters are  obese. Not just overweight, mind you,  but obese. Those who conducted the study were just stunned by their findings. The thing about this study that probably most surprised me was that no one  particular company or industry was singled out for blame. Just wait though. If this study gets any traction, doubtless  the  evil fast food restaurants will be held accountable.

Here is something else to chew on however( pun intended, of course). Maybe the school lunch menus are not as bad as they are accused of being. If lots of little people are obese  before they get into the education machine, of whom should we be asking questions? The parents you say, why it cant be their fault. Must be television providing the means  for the great ogre of advertising that makes us do things we would never, ever do of our own volition. Feel better? Anything wrong with you, just blame the commercials. You’e welcome.


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