Don’t Worry About North Korea

Those fine gentlemen  in Pyongyang have been at it again. We are going to launch a rocket, because we can. You can’t do anything about it but not to worry, there is no threat to anyone. Today, they began the process of  fueling said rocket which supposedly  intends to launch a communications satellite.Those  good ole boys threatened retaliation if anyone attempts to shoot down the rocket. Japan was singled out in particular. If it interferes, it would be struck with a “thunderbolt of fire“. The United States also came in for a little threat, saying that American warships in the area should withdraw if they don’t want to receive  damage.

As one might expect South Korea is a mite nervous, along with Japan. So, President Obama and South Korean  President Lee-Myung-bak  issued a joint statement from the G-20 summit in London.They agreed on” a stern, united response from the international community if North Korea launches a long-range rocket.” Japan meanwhile plans to call for an emergency Security Council meeting.

Unfortunately, China  has not shared its opinion to all  this bluster which includes calls from this side of the pond to shoot down that nasty rocket. Not to worry though, press secretary Gibbs there are no such plans unless the rocket strays toward  Hawaii. Feeling better are you?  Remember just a few days ago  when Hilary was on television asking the North Koreans to call if they were watching.  Guess they weren’t watching, probably preparing a rocket or something.

Don’t worry though, Obama has it all handled. We  should certainly hope so. One more little tidbit from David Wright, co-director of  the Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists said we should not jump to conclusions if the launch is successful. He agrees that said success would indicate that North Korea has increased its missile capabilities(duh!)  but may not necessarily indicate they have  the capability of launching a nuclear warhead to inter-continental range. We certainly should hope not!

Remember, a stern warning!


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  1. By the way, after today’s launch, perhaps it is okay to worry a bit.

    Comment by tarheeltalker | April 4, 2009 | Reply

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