Shout To The Lord!

We all have favorite songs  that we tend to enjoy more than others. Sometimes, it makes sense based on the artist or style or lyrics or melody or whatever. I will ask my wife from time to time why a certain song by a certain artist tends to be so meaningful. I suppose it is actually a rhetorical question but since I respect her musical opinion, I continue to ask. Invariably, her answer is something like, there is no answer. Having wandered around that topic for a while, I will say that the song referenced in my title is one  of those “magical” songs for me.

I was introduced to the song at a  wonderful pentecostal church in Salisbury,NC, named Rowan Christian Assembly. Since that time some eight or nine years ago, it has been a song with few equals. I have rejoiced to hear it sung and to join in with others as they have sung it. During those times, I have laughed, I  have cried, I have been so overcome with joy that I could hardly describe it.

It was composed by Australian singer, songwriter Darlene Zschech about 11 years ago. The song was birthed at a discouraging time her life and has since come to be a song sung by literally millions every week. All this is great although I doubt she wrote it with those  results in mind.It is based largely on Psalm 92-96 which are worth a read in themselves.

But somehow, when I hear it it’s mine. I hope someday to be able to express my thanks to the artist for her inspired work. If you have never heard the song, visit  ITunes or buy it. I trust it can become meaningful for you as well.

My Jesus,My Saviour

Lord, There is none like you

All of my days, I want to praise

The wonders of your mighty love

Just a sample of some wonderful praise lyrics.

Shalom and Amen

The Artist and the Album

The Artist and the Album


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