Attacking the Supreme Court

We are all somewhat familiar with the founding fathers concept of checks and balances. That is, the three branches of the federal government(executive, legislative and judicial) act as  restraints on each other. It doesn’t always work or work  perfectly  but over the long haul, it has served us rather  well.

Now, we have a developing situation, you might say. It’s not a pack the court move, as FDR attempted. Rather, you  might call it an attempt to intimidate the court. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(D) Nevada has roundly criticized Chief Justice John Roberts for allegedly misleading the Senate during his confirmation hearings in 2005. Roberts is said to have not told the truth( lied) about being a conservative rather than the moderate he pretended to be. Reid says that we are stuck with these two young men ( the other Samuel Alito) for the time being. This attack comes just days after Rep Barney Frank(D) Ma accused  justice Antonin Scalia of being homophobic.

What it appears is that these two powerful legislators are attempting to influence the votes of sitting justices. Wonder if they are brazen enough to try to introduce term limits for members of the high court? Anything is possible with the power that has accrues to these folks in Congress.


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  1. There is no telling what these far leftys will try next, every tick of the clock is another second towards socialist rules!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | March 28, 2009 | Reply

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