There Are Too Many People

An adviser to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown seems to think there are too many of us, of them, that is. Jonathon Porritt  is one of the leading “green” advisers to the British PM. He seems to think that there are far more Brits than need be. His report to the Optimum Population Trust will say that the population in the mother country needs to be reduced from its current 61 million to about 30 million, about what it was in Queen Victoria’s day.

At this point, few political leaders are jumping on board, but by no means is Mr Porritt alone in his point of view. Others chiming in to favor this view include Immigration Minister Phil Woolas and director of the science Museum, Professor Chris Rapley.

Now, it would be easy to dismiss these folks as part of a lunatic fringe, but that would be unwise. These kinds of theories and viewpoints doubtless resonate with others who might approach the issue from a pro-euthanasia stance or an anti- business bias. Of  note is that the developed world is seen as a greater drain on the  environment and as such is the area that needs to shrink.

Just think about this idea for a moment- of reducing population. How would it  be accomplished? Fewer babies – more abortion; too many old people- you know that answer, too many sick- ration health care and so it goes. How scary would it be if this type of thinking got traction?  Who would make the live or die decisions)? How many people should we have(why 30 million, why not 28 or 27?) and  how do you best achieve that magic number you have chosen? Couldn’t happen you  say, not here- I don’t know, i just don’t know.


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