All Purpose Political Answer

I found it! What it is, is an all purpose answer that a  politician can use to explain, justify or rationalize about anything they do. It comes compliments of North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue. She presented her budget today and it includes a 2.5% increase in education spending  partially funded by federal stimulus funds.

The state budget itotals, for the moment,  $21.4 billion, of which $11 billion goes to education.Some agencies are doubtless going to suffer, some more than others From the revenue side she  is expected to proposea  $1 per pack increase in the cigarette tax and a 5% tax on alcoholic beverages. Since further specifics will doubtless surface to morrow and further down the road, I will stay any criticisms for the moment. Besides, Gov. Perdue said,”Just remember I did the best that I could do.” Those are he words of wisdom that we take with us at this stage of the budget process. NC legislators, agency heads, etc should take these words to heart before they challenge any particular aspect of the budget.

By the  the way, I wonder if this line will work in the private sector or is it just good for politicians?


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