Have you Caught It Yet? (It’s Not Fatal)

The “malady” in question would be March Madness, a very common affliction in my part of the world wherever that happens to be.Yes, it is that glorious time of year when college basketball steps front and center.  Besides, it is much better than the Ides of March, don’t you think?

For the uninitiated, March Madness primarily refers to the 65 team  national tournament that will officially begin next Wednesday. Conference tournaments have been going on this week and will conclude Sunday. They serve as both a  prelude  to The Big Dance and a partial  setting of  the field.

The only team that really matters to me began its quest today with a tough conference tournamnet game against Virginia Tech. Although, one always wwants to win, this was nota gane that Carolina had to have. As scheduling would have it, they began play at noon, a gane that would play out in its entitery while I was at work, unable to watch or listen.

My wife, who is the sane Carolina fan in our family as opposed to me, who isn’t; agreed to keep me posted. She called at the half, reported a one point Heels lead, and gave a very good summary of the game to that point. The next call came with 22 seconds to go, still a one point lead. Again, she did  an excellent  job of setting the stage and  giving  me a play by play account  of the final nerve racking seconds of  a three point win.

As Adam Lucas of  tarheelblue.com said, it was a game that Carolina should not have won, but still did. A four part sign held up  in the Georgia Dome said “House United Against Carolina” and as per usual it was. But that is just one of those things that makes these games what they are. These fellows enjoyed the first game as did I and we all three hope there are eight more to go.

Thompson and Hansbrough Celebrate

Thompson and Hansbrough Celebrate

Go Heels !!!!


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