I Wish I Understood This

I read an article about Lemon Grove Middle School just the other day. The school is located in the town of the same name and is  located about ten miles from San Diego.The school has approximately 750- 800 students in grades 6-8. So far, so good , I understand all that. What principal Mr. Ambler  Moss recently did just kinda boggled my mind. He enrolled 34 native Spanish speakers in the school’s Advanced Placement Spanish Class. I have tried all day to come up with  a valid comparison to this  and kept coming up empty. The story gets even  better when you  hear his analysis. By the way, the students achieved high marks ( good grades),  what a shocker there.

Our principal says ” This gives them confidence. We’re  turning a historical disadvantage into an economic and intellectual  asset.” What did he say? I’m really not sure but it certainly sounded  good, did it not? Economic asset? Intellectual asset? Or, did the high scores they achieved make the school’s scores look better? Bottom line, what did these students learn? I bet it was not  Spanish which they doubtless already knew rather well. I have a sister who is a long tenured kindergarten teacher. Perhaps, when she reads this , she can explain it a bit better.

Just remember,this is our education tax dollars at work. Dollars that are going to dramatically increase( we already spend more per student than anywhere else in the world) and for what? I am a product of the public school system when it was quite simpler and cheaper  than it is today. I think there there was probably far less federal involvement as well. Ask yourself, is our educational system better today than say 25, 30 or 35  years ago? Why or why not?

Hint, $ and more $ are not the answer.


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