Audacity and the Democrats

Our president has made much of the phrase,”the audacity of hope” and he is correct in that hope is an audacious thing. But, there ae other things associated with our ruling class that are perhaps equally as audacious.

We may be witnessing a phenomenon that is unprecedented in recent political history or not, but it is quite fun to take note of it. Have you observed how many Democrats servings as either senators or governors were not elected to their current positions.

  • New York Governor David Paterson and Senator Kirsten( guns hidden under the bed) Gilliland
  • Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Senator( for now ) Roland Burris
  • Delaware Senator Ted( temporary until it’s time for Beau) Kaufman
  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
  • Colorado senator Michael Bennett
  • Kansas  Governor Mark ( wait until Kathleen Sebelius is confirmed to HHS ) Parkinson

Any common ground up there, at least one caretaker and one whose shelf life as a senator is limited. We could have had yet another until New Hampshire’s Jud Gregg went, oops, what was I thinking, and withdrew. Shucks, there could even be more. The Administration is still young.

Ok, now for part two which is sort of related. Have you noticed ow many of the nominees or their their spouses etc have had tax problems. Well, not that I am a conspiracy theorist or anything , but I think that was all done for a purpose. Pick people with tax problems, have them do a mea culpa, fess up, pay the taxes, get sympathy, because they are the best person for the job, etc. Beside, look how they  are doing double duty by helping the budget deficit. So, if you know a politician with IRS trouble, preferably a Democrat, contact the White House at once. Oh yes, bonus  news, the state of Kansas has big time  budget problems and cannot at present send out tax refunds. For your further consideration, hope you are not rich whatever the Democrats define that as today because the tax man cometh.


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  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

    Comment by Rob | March 3, 2009 | Reply

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