Hilary-About Face

I am shocked,I tell you,  I really and truly am. There are people in New York, Jewish leaders around the country,etc who are going nuts over Secretary Clinton’s  support for Hamas and the Palestinians which,by the way, reflects very much her views as First Lady rather than her views as a Senator. What shocks me is that people would be  surprised at a Clinton about face of any kind. Perhaps it is hyper critical to say that her support for Israel(very strong she said in February, 2000) was 100% politically motivated but not much. To get elected in New York she had to be pro- Israel and she was. Now, she has no need to be pro-Israel and she is not.

Yesterday, she hammered Israel on the need to speed up aid to Gaza. Of course, the fact that the Obama administration is sending Hamas  $900 million is just a coincidence, is it not? New York Assemblyman Don Hikind, Democrat, perhaps said it best when he stated that he liked her as a Senator from New York. Now he wonders as he once wondered before who is the real Hilary Clinton?

And this from Solomon Loewi of Monsey, NY, ” The easy way to make a peace agreement is to pressure Israel because you can’t pressure the Arabs.” Well said sir, well said.

Oh, Mrs Clinton is due to arrive in Israel next week for talks. The weather forecast is for chilly conditions.


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