We Will Fix Everything- Applaud Now

As I write, President Obama is speaking to a joint session of Congress. I wish, I really do, that I could stand to watch and listen. My normally sane wife is actually absorbing this stuff through the miracle of television without a breather.Amazing! I can only hope that there is no long term ill effect from prolonged exposure to the words that are emanating from Mr Obama.

I watched a few moments and was admittedly overcome just watching   Biden and Pelosi preside over the  love fest. It seem that every other sentence brought great applause or a standing ovation. Wonder if there is a whoopee cushion in each chair to make people stand as soon as they sit down? Or do their districts get more earmarks the more they stand up? Just wondering.

Among the things I heard was that we will cure cancer in our time(applause) close Gitmo(applause- previously announced by  the way), have more troops(Afghanistan, anyone) and my favorite, drum roll please, we have accomplished more in 30 days on health care than in the last decade.Truly,  he must be Washington and Lincoln combined. Wait, something even better and this too elicited a standing ovation. I know that every American sitting here tonight loves this country and wants it to succeed. Now if that isn’t a profound statement. Without knowing the official statistics, I am sure he set a record for most applause and most  ovations.

What a great country- bet Chris Matthews’ leg is really tingling.Wish I could listen to the analysts , but they probably either fainted or were too moved too say anything.But, this is why cable and the internet exist, to prevent needless overexposure to eloquence.At least they didn’t preempt NCIS.


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