Does Jack Bauer Ever Rest?

Ok,I am really trying to hang in there with”24″ and just when I think things will slow down a bit,things get even worse or faster or warp speed even. Watching this show is like driving the autobahn when you are accustomed to Ehringhaus St. I like the show,but I need space to breathe in there somewhere. I am thrilled we uncovered the conspiracy, but based on the previews, next week is even worse.Guess we will have the first attack on the  White House since the War of 1812, among  other things.

Where is some comedy relief, a  court jester or something? This show reminds me a bit of the perils of pauline newsreels back in the day when things were a bit simpler. As Ray Stevens famously sang, “Along Came Jones”, I guess we can be glad that along comes Jack and Bill and Chloe.

Yes,I will stay tuned. The hook is in!


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  1. Hang on to your seat…it’s starting to get good! 🙂

    Comment by mikegothard | February 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thank you for the reassurance, better buckle those seat belts tighter.

    Comment by tarheeltalker | February 28, 2009 | Reply

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