What Should We Think About A-Rod?

There has  been an enormous amount of news  swirling around Alex Rodriguez of late.Imagine getting a divorce, a huge new contract and being linked romantically to Madonna. And then, all that is upstaged at once by that ugly little revelation of steroid use(after having previously denied it) from 2001-2003. Those nasty Sports Illustrated writers. Just cant leave things alone can they.

I will admit to some mixed feelings about all of this. Being a lifelong Yankees fan,I should immediately have leaped to his defense and strongly condemned the release of his name from a  list  of 104 players who were guilty. And, to a degree, I did that. Release all the names or none, I thought. But, here is baseball’s highest paid player on the most visible team in the sport and he plays in New York. All of those factors made it a viable news story. To  quote my old friend Super Chicken, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

Today, he arrived at spring training  and held a press conference at which he said he obtained  a substance  over the counter in the Dominican Republic with the assistance of his cousin. Sound good, no anger, no blame.Reactions, predictably,  are mixed.

I checked 2 ESPN reporters reactions. Jayson Stark thinks got a bit better but there are still more questions and  issues that need addressing and the issue is not closed. Buster Onley said and this interesting since he repeated this phrase several times. If this is all there is and there  are no revelations out there, then he did pretty well. Yankee GM Brian Cashman likened the situation, in a sense, to putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. As a Yankee fan and a baseball fan, I hope that the rehab for Rodriguez goes better than it did in the nursery rhyme.


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