Can we Stand the Truth?

In the movie  A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson tells Tom Cruise that “you can’t stand the truth”. Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat,Vt. is betting otherwise or sort of,depending on what the truth is and who determines it. Sen. Leahy is floating the idea of a truth and reconciliation  commission to investigate abuses of the Bush years, including  but not limited to issues related  to the Iraq war. It would not be set up to punish or humiliate but to find out the truth or  so he told a Georgetown University audience.

Verrry interesting, but stupid to quote Arte Johnson from the tv show Laugh-In. Wonder who pick the committee and would it be balanced(sure it would). Guess it would skip the last 2 years when the Democrats controlled Congress since they had it all under control. Wait,they didn’t did they? Never mind, investigate and impeach or shoot first and ask questions later. Since Bush and Cheney already are vilified  as the two most heinous occupants of their respective offices,how could Sen Leahy find  an honest broker to run such a committee.Here’s an idea, let him as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee do it since in an Obama Administration there will nothing for the committee to oversee or investigate anyway. How about Ted Kennedy as vice-chair- can’t get any more balanced, huh?


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