My Son The Sermon

Over time, it seems that there has been a subtle change in the relationship between my son and I. I have long been impressed and thankful for how he has learned and continued to learn how  to use his talents and abilities. But this is different,  although it is perhaps an outgrowth of the thought just expressed. I sense and more than just sense that he is becoming more the teacher and I the learner. Not to suggest that he is infallible or I am clueless but rather that he has some well thought out insights from which I can benefit.

I was reminded of this today at church when Mike talked about 4, I guess you could say, tolls for evangelism. Though I had not thought of these in the way they were presented, they did make sense. They seemed to be a rather good profile of our son, and his mother actually agreed with me.

  • Ask questions of people, the subject matter not necessarily having to be religion- Jesus did it masterfully. Jon is not to shabby at it either.
  • Listen to their answers, this is where Jon and I differ, sad to say. He is much more adept at listening,while I am too busy thinking of my next comment.
  • Count conversations, not conversions. Sermon emphasized that we do not do the converting. If one is strong in points 1 and 2 this is somewhat easier.
  • Pray behind people’s backs,i.e. when they don’t know about it.

I think these points are good comments on our son’s approach to ministry, although they are of course not inclusive. For this, his dad wants to say- Well done !!

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  1. Well, I first read this and didn’t know what to say. Regardless, it is much appreciated. I’m certainly not always good at any of those four things, but I’d agree that they are very important. Faith is a dialog at its best. Good stuff.

    Comment by Jonathan Stegall | February 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. You are most welcome, I should have or could have written it sooner. Thanks for the response !!

    Comment by tarheeltalker | February 3, 2009 | Reply

  3. Always keep the special bond between dad and son. There should be more love between parents and children and we would see less rebellion in the homes.

    Comment by teddy bear sis | February 6, 2009 | Reply

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