Kay Yow

For some, the name above is unfamiliar unless they are N C State fans or women’s basketball fans in general. And that is truly a shame. Ms Yow died  a week ago at age 66 after a 20 year battle with breast cancer. I know her only from what I have read , both in recent days and over the years. It must have truly been a privilege to know her and count her as a friend or coach or colleague. She was an excellent, probably a great coach and yet that pales in comparison to how she both lived and died.

I have read a good bit of that written in recent days(today being her funeral) and am humbled by much of what I have learned. She planned her funeral, as many people do but took things somewhat further by recording a video that was shown at her funeral. I would like to quote just a bit from her comments for they are exceptionally moving and profound.

“‘…. I hope you won’t be really hearing Kay Yow speak, but you’ll be really hearing the Lord speak through me. I hope that he opens your ears, your eyes that you might see him in a very special way.” She went on to talk about heaven and encouraging all to rejoice with her in the realization that she was at rest.  Bear in mind that this was prepared by one who  knew her time was very short, but was assured of her final destination.

She was an  individual who lived  courageously, even smuggling Bibles into the Soviet Union in 1986 when coaching Team USA.  However it could be that she has touched more lives in the last 2 years and even the last week  than ever before.

Even though I see sports through a Carolina blue filter, I join the N C State family in saluting one of the best. May her legacy live on.


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