Pelosi’s Prescription

With Madame Speaker and blue collar Joe(Biden) around, there is rarely a shortage of  Democrat blather. But, sometimes  even I cannot believe what issues forth from this dynamic duo. Ms Pelosi is telling us that birth control, contraception , whatever term one chooses, is good for the economy. Huh? Bet she got instant agreement from Planned Parenthood on that one. Probably will not get the same reaction from her church, Catholic, if you forget the last time they had to chew her out.

It seems that hundreds of million$ from the stimulus package is to improve family planning  services, whatever that means. When questioned on this by George Stephanopoulos, she backed down not a whit, even when given the opportunity. Pelosi maintains that fewer childern will reduce the budget pressures on states, etc.

Can you see the slippery slope that this could lead us down? How about government mandated family size, only 2 children or less? Remember what country did this? Hint, hint. They are very large and are located in Asia. Time’s up, China is your answer. But you say this couldn’t happen here. Don’t bet against it.One of the top liberal mantras is we know what is good and right for you before you do . And this would definitely fall into the category of change, would it not.Change we can believe in, hopefully not.

Biden will really have to go out a limb to top this one. Doubtless he will and probably very soon.


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