Loyal Opposition Or Lap Dogs

I used the title in a comment made on another blog  recently and have been giving the idea more thought since then. The reference is to the Republican minority in the Senate and House of Representatives. I first had the thought, I guess when Mrs Clinton was confirmed as Sec of State by a vote of 94 to 2. No doubt there , huh? What made this even more interesting was her proclivity to vote against many of Bush’s nominees in a vocal manner. So, no retribution from the Republicans there. Now, I am not saying they should have voted against her just because of her Senate voting record. Doubtless, there were conflicts of interest aplenty that could have been a factor.But, it was not to be.

However, it is very early in the contest and there will be ample opportunities to exercise the concepts of loyal and opposition. Shucks, the Democrats were never bashful about opposing, were they? A word of caution, it will not be easy to oppose the Democrat machine, Obama,Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, Frank, Waxman and blue collar Joe Biden.Reportedly at a meeting a day or so ago when some Republicans begged to differ with Obama over the stimulus(i.e. transfer of wealth) he said something to the effect of ” I won” which means among other things that the Republicans lost. Wonder, how will he responded to those who dare to vote against his touted stimulus plan. Let me guess, not very well.

Hang in there McConnell and Boehner and Jon Kyl and hopefully some others.The 2010 elections are not that far away.


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