Obama’s First Decision

There continues to be speculation, informed and otherwise on what Obama will do when he takes office. On Wednesday, January 21, 2009 what will be his trend setting, groundbreaking first announcement that heralds change is occurring. We hear that he will close Gitmo, although that may actually take a little while or he  may choose to  reverse any number of things that Bush has done. Typically and understandably  he has not been pinned down. I think I may know by a couple of things I read in the Virginian- Pilot newspaper today.

Virginia governor Tim Kaine is the incoming chair of the DNC and he had this to say among other things about his political party, that they did not engage in negative style activities. Ok, well and good. A page  or so over was an  article about a gathering of Democrat senators with the president-select. It was apparently a time of great joy and celebration to the extent that it was described by one attendee as a love fest.

Since all is going well in Democratland, aka the United States of America , I think I know what Obama’s first move will be.It may well sound like this.

Paraphrasing, I am announcing today an Executive Order that will eliminate the Republican Party in 100 days. All those currently registered as Republicans will have 60 days to change said registration. If they choose not to do so, their voting privileges will be revoked for a period of 4 years or until I am unanimously re-elected. At this time, they will again be allowed an opportunity to change their registration appropriately or other action will be considered. Enjoy my administration,I certainly plan to do so !


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