Heed The Horse

Mind you, not just any horse, but the one and only Mr Ed, the famous talking equine who resided on the tube from 1961-1966.mred11Yes, the talkative one was a great favorite of my childhood, mostly for the pure fun that I got from watching and listening to a talking horse. Dont ever remember worrying about how “they” made it happen either. Oh the joys of childhood.

But of late, i have come  to realize what a vast amount of wisdom was shared in the little ditty that started the show. The song speaks of how people yakety-yak and waste your time with unnecessary chatter. The line that gets me says the Mr Ed will not speak ” unless he has something to say” . That,  no pun intended,  is indeed  a mouthful. I am probably one of those guilty too often of what the song speaks about. Somewhat reticent in my younger years, I began to change in my twenties and as I age,have a habit of ” needing” to express my opinion on just about everything whether requested to do so or not. Sad to say, this has made me a poorer listener for I very well know that the opinions of others are important also.

Ofttimes, at the end of a day. I will remember the words of scripture that too much talking provides little margin for error when in fact I should have remembered them at the start of the day.

Henceforth, I shall try to be more Mr Edlike in sharing   my voluminous stack of opinions.


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  1. Thats my problem, I talk to much! Thanks Tarheel.

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | January 13, 2009 | Reply

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