Are You A 24 Lover

Obviously, the above refers to the popular tv show that debuts season 7 tonight and tomorrow. I have read a copule of online articles and from my limited numbers am amazed at the disparities in its fans. Confession, I have never watched the show, keeping my loyalty to NCIS. I f you dont watch it, what is your problem? Just kidding, kinda. Anyway, 24 stars Kiefer Sutherland  as Jack Bauer and just from previews and promos, I gather that  he is a high powered government agent with whom everyone in government doesnt agree in terms of methods,etc.

Now, to the fans, I have a brother-in-law and nephew who are big fans, my pastor is  a loyal fan( see blog for Mike Gothard today ) and Rush Limbaugh is also a faithful fan. Rush quoted from an interesting article on his website Friday postulating that Obama has made 24 irrelevant, whatever that means. Television critic Tim Goodman wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle that due to Obama and the change he is bringing that 24 is outdated and that the producers just dont get it, presumably meaning the waves of change that are coming.

Now, since I dont watch the show, it doesnt really bother me whether Mr Goodman likes it or not. But from what little I know, I believe it safe to say that he doesnt ” get ”  the show .


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  1. Finished show 4 of season 7 this morning at 1:30am…it’s going to be a good season!

    Comment by mikegothard | January 14, 2009 | Reply

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