Thank Goodness For Joe

After having been under wraps since  the election, Joe Biden surfaced on Tuesday. Some of his comments seemed to confirm that the most difficult job in the Obama Administration will be that of Biden’s spokeswoman. Pity poor  Elizabeth Alexander who has the job of explaining Biden’s verbal extravagances  and probably doesnt even get combat pay.

On Monday, he said that we are at war( with what or whom  I dont know ) and compared our economic difficulties to 9/11. Tuesday, he even topped himself by criticizing his boss regarding the CIA nominee and gave details about his upcoming overseas trip , without being asked. His staff had previously said this information would be released in a gradual fashion for security reasons.

Now, about that trip, I know he’s due back before the inauguration. But, can you imagine a call from Obama to Biden on January 19. Uh, Joe we need to add some destinations to that trip you are on, cant give you all the details but they are countries very important to our national security. Can you do it ? Only one problem, you wont get back until January 22, not to worry though. Hilary will stand in for you  at the swearing-in ceremony. Joe ? Joe ?


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