O Happiest Of New Years

Greetings in the infancy of the new year or in the words of Charles Osgood, Happy twenty o nine   and so it is so far unless you live in Israel( compared by well known political expert Roseanne Barr  to Nazi Germany, although she cant say how )  or the rat holes controlled by Hamas .

Not to worry, it is less than 3 weeks to the inauguaration of Obama and Obamlot as opposed to Camelot will be ushered in for our enjoyment and edification. Just think, how many presidents -elect have been compared to Lincoln, Kennedy, FDR and probably George himself  (Washington ) and for what . Let’s be honest, at this point it can only be for what he has said he will do or not do or change or not change not for accomplishments . Now all of the aforementioned folks to whom he has been compared actually had accomplished some things before taking office .He could turn out to be a great, a poor or a mediocre president. At this point, we cannot say. Surely, he has already set an enormous precedent just be being elected.

But this I would ask you to consider, on the goodtimepolitics blog there is a quote from George Washington about those with whom one should associate and below an abbreviated list of those with Mr Obama either associates or has associated . Then draw your own conclusions .

Happy New Year – Psalm 24:1


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  1. Might I offer a Top Ten List for America’s New Year?



    Comment by franklynchusa | January 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. “Birds of the same feather; flock together”

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | January 1, 2009 | Reply

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