Caroline, Caroline, Caroline

Thought about putting her name in the title 138 times  which is how many times  she said you know in a recent appearance but that would not be very sporting would it ? Anyway, the blogosphere has been agog with posts about her lack of soundbiteability ( just made that up- lol) and how she has no experience, blah, blah blah .

These things are true but she has several things in her favor :

  • She is a Kennedy (sorry about that Mr Schlossberg )
  • She has money, how much she isnt ready to say
  • She has name recognition
  • She is a she as  is the current holder of the seat
  • She is a Kennedy as was a previous holder of that seat
  • Better than Sen Schumer ( he’s staying ? oh well )
  • She will ” fight her heart out for the people of New York ” whatever that means
  • Something to talk  about since Obama’s seat is about to be filled
  • Se has as much  experience as Sarah Palin – wait , no she doesnt

But watching the show is just rollicking good fun is it not. Tally ho !


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