Wouldnt that have been a good combo on the basketball court, especially in the Four Corners . Since that cannot happen , it is an apropos passing of the torch on the Carolina scoring list , from Phil Ford to Tyler Hansbrough . Congratulations to Tyler . It was pretty cool for his parents to ” surprise ” him and make it to the game .

As some people alluded to , Ford has held the record since 1978 , when he passed the total of Carolina’s first 2000 point scorer , Lennie Rosenbluth who  long time Heels fans will remember as the star of the undefeated 1957 national championship team .

So I started thinking, wonder whose record that Rosenbluth  broke . As best as I can tell, it was a 6-2 guard from Elizabeth , NJ named Al Lifson who interestingly enough was #12 just like Phil Ford . Lifson played from 1952-55 and his Carolina teams were not all that successful . I hesitate to go back further, aw shucks, why not ? I think John ” Hook ” Dillon preceded Lifson and that is probably enough history for even the most avid Heels fan .

So as we celebrate Tyler , dont forget Phil and Lennie and Al and ‘” Hook ” , for in this the 99th year of Carolina basketball we have quite a tradition.



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