All I Want For Christmas Is …..

When I was a kid , the above question was never much of a problem . Mind you, I wasnt what you would call greedy but I could come up with a thing or two or three .That actually lasted , to a degree, into early adulthood . Somewhere along the way , a wire must have snapped  or synapse misfired or failed to connect . For now , such a  question as posed above is veritably traumatic.

If I am asked what I might want for Christmas the answer is invariably  something like uh , uh I dont know . Whether this is relevant or not I cant say but I seem to remember a similar trait with my father as well .  To make matters worse sometimes it doesnt seem to matter a lot if I get presents or not . I would probably rather give something to another than receive . Let me hasten to add that I dont know if I am doing that for the right reason or not .

Perhaps the gift gving should be more reserved for the youngest among us who generally cannot give in return equal to what they receive . Now this raises another point , are you ever plagued with worry over did I get so- and -so a gift equal in $  value to what they gave me ? And perish the thought , if someone gives you a gift are you obligated to give them a gift in return ?

Maybe if I answered my own question with peace on earth, good  will toward men , all would  be solved . But we all, or almost all of us , want that . So i suppose all that I have done is to raise questions and supplied no answers . Not a first and certainly not a last .


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