Wonderful or Depressing ?

How do you feel  about Christmas ?  Are you excited and euphoric and full of joy and good cheer ?  Or , are you overwhelmed to the point of giving up and and hunkering down until it’s all over ? Or, are you both ?

All valid points for me  it seems . Right now , euphoria is running a distant second to wonderful  . The childlike wonder is unfortunately awol . This is in spite of all the music and the increasing arrival of cards from near and far and decorations both gaudy and tasteful . I fear I have Christmas inertia , that law of nature that says a body not very involved with Christmas activities tends to remain so .

As my wife would attest , I can be a mite Scroogelike this time of year and this year perhaps more than normal . Is it the ecomonic negativity all around with layoffs etc or something more internal ?

I cant blame it on the lack of options , I have turned down a number of options for participating in Christmas activities . My pastor preached a sermon last week titled ” It’s Still The Most Wonderful Time of the Year “. Stephen Curtis Chapman sings that ” Christmas is all in the Heart ” and that  the external situation is not the overriding issue . Still I find myself slogging along wanting but not really expecting my own Christmas miracle .Hopefully more to come …….. Bah humbug or  peace , goodwill toward men ?


December 14, 2008 - Posted by | Holidays | ,

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  1. Great post…how funny that you would write what you did, as I posted a very similar post last night. As I was in the mall in Fayetteville, NC, being trampled I couldn’t help but think “Is this really what God had in mind for Christmas??” Glad to see that at least someone else is feeling similarly.

    Have a blessed Christmas!

    Comment by joep72 | December 14, 2008 | Reply

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