Ask Not What Your Country Can Spend For You ….

Ask what you can  spend for your country . Sound like a good slogan for the Obama Administration ?  I think it has real potential and Mr Obama has already set the pattern for us . Granted he has set the bar of achievement very high though.

The federal government officially announced this week that we are in a recession  – Duh – So , to help alleviate the effects of a recession , the economic gurus generally tell us we need to spend more to create job growth etc .

As you probably know the president- elect is purchasing a $30,000 ring for his wife to thank her for all her help in the campaign . Good economic stimulus you say and so it is . Unfortunately for our economy it is being purchased from another country . Shucks , their economy probably needs  a boost too .

So fellas , what are you gonna buy your wives or wives your husbands to express your thanks for helping make you successful , hmmm ?

One closing thought . If Mr Obama runs for re-election and wins , what kind of gift would he buy to top this one ? And, if he were to run and lose , would he want the ring back ?  Just wondering .


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