Do You Have a Favorite Style ? ( And Should You ? ) Part I

At church today , the sermon was on ” Politically Incorrect Worship ”  and an interesting message it was . I have learned over time that a ” good ” sermon isnt always one that I totally agree with or that makes  me feel good . Today’s sermon hit the mark on both counts .

My wife was unable to attend today so she asked for a summary or synopsis or whatever when I got home . About 15 minutes later, I finished  . To her credit , she didnt complain about the length of my summary . I dont want to rehash the entire sermon per se but rather make some comments about how it affected me and some of the thoughts it generated . However , you can hear the sermon in its entirety if you wish . Go to newcommunitychurch.net sometime tomorrow and have a listen.

Over the years, due to moving etc we have attended probably 40 or more churches , some as actively involved , others as inquiring guests , others due to church responsibilities . Naturally , there are various ways /styles that worship is carried out . The music styles vary widely, due to skill levels, worship leader’s methods or proclivities etc . While music is not the end all , it does set the stage for good or bad  . We have been in churches with wonderfully talented, traditional music programs, talented ” contemporary ” music programs , good ole Southern gospel etc . We have been drawn to a church by its music and  ” turned off ” a church by its music . Must a church have good or exceptional music to have effective worship ; probably not but neither do I think falling back on Psalm 100: 1 is a valid excuse . Darlene Zschech is well known as a worship at her church in Sydney ,Australia as well as a singer and songwriter . I once read an interview in which she was asked about her role as worship leader . Two things stood out :

  • She had 20 minutes , generally , available for worship music
  • She told the interviewer that was ok, that she and the music were not the main show

That to me says that music had the appropriate but not the focal place in the service .Great attitude on her part and a good example .

I hadnt intended to devote the entire post to music related issues, so I will attempt to continue tomorrow .



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  1. I must say I thoroughly enjoy musical worship. I am a firm believer that it sets the stage for the Spirit to enter and for the Word to be received. At my old church we used to have a great minister of music who could take us into the presence of God each and everytime he sang. It was awesome and we usually stayed in praise and worship for a long time. His worship leading was definitely directly reflective of his personal relationship with God which I think is an important aspect of worship. When he went home to be with the Lord our new praise leader also knew how to usher in the presence but there was a time limit set on worship and she wasn’t named the minister of music because she can’t play an instrument. (church politics) She missed church sometimes… and the back up praise leaders (the main reason I’m responding to your post 🙂 ) did not do a very good job in leading worship. Anytime they led worship I was in despair because I wasn’t getting what I thought I should have through musical worship. I just recently changed churches after God’s leading because I wasn’t growing spiritually @ my old church. Now my old church was this big kinda mega church… so they had a full praise and worship team, band, and praise dancers (my ministry :)) My new church is a church plant and the praise and worship team consists of 1 person and sound tracks. Yet I don’t feel like there is anything missing because its the spirit of God that moves during worship. Wow… I’m sorry I ended up writing a blog of my own on your comment LOL 🙂 As you can see worship is something I’m passionate about.

    Comment by Ashley | December 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for your comment , I to am a firm believer in music setting the stage for worship. I do think God uses music as the worship leaders are tuned in to Him .

    Comment by Tarheeltalker | December 1, 2008 | Reply

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