To Talk or not To Talk

My apologies or thanks to Shakespeare for the title . One of my tongue-in- cheek hopes for this blog was that my wife would not have to burdened with listening to my various and sundry rants and raves on whatever topic happened to appear on my radar . When I mentioned this to her recently she ” sorta laughed ” and said now she gets to listen before I write , read what I write and then listen again later . Sounds almost like a qualification for sainthood does it not ?

Anyway, for a number of years , perhaps even until early in our marriage , I was a very quiet person . You know the type – try to be invisible in school ( please dont call on me )  poor in groups and and heavens above , no speaking in public . When a group of young people in one of our Sunday School classes was told this they were to say the least , incredulous . Him, quiet ? Impossible ! And so it is now. I dont know exactly why or when this transformation occurred but it did .

Now , I fear that I have the opposite problem . When to be quiet , when not to share my opinion, when to realize that I dont always need to have the last word . Scripture as it is wont to do has much to say on this subject – James 3 , in its entirety ; Proverbs 10:19

In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin, but he that refraineth his lips is wise (KJV)

Ouch and double ouch .

Finally , what I call my 3 S verse- …be swift to hear , slow to speak, slow to anger — James 1:19

This is a verse that I often quote to myself at the beginning of the day, sometimes it is effectual, other times not so much . Gotta keep at it though, perhaps I will reach that needful balance.



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