Election Reflections

Perhaps thought on the events of yesterday would be better expressed with a little time to contemplate and ponder just what yesterday meant . I have spoken to a few people , read some articles and  couple of blogs  on the election and it seems the more info I take in the more unsettled my thinking becomes . First , congratulations to Barack Obama on a well – run and very well financed campaign . I read that with the financial disparity between the two campaigns  it would be like fighting a machete with a  penknife . Probably true . An interesting sidelight  for me is this . In the North Carolina race for governor , Beverly Perdue defeated Pat McCrory 50% to 47% despite outspending him by a 3-1 margin . Sounds a little like the presidential race .

Some are commenting on the historic nature of the election for president and rightly so . However , I trust that in the euphoria of victory , those who celebrate will not set their sights unrealistically high lest any accomplishment  achieved is less than expected . Mr Obama will make mistakes at times, will disappoint at times and will attain results . From one of the 75% of white born agan evangelicals that are said to have voted for McCain , I resent my vote being typecast and characterized as leading the opposition to one of the most important and beloved presidents in our history . I will pray for Mr Obama as I have prayed for Mr Bush and Mr Clinton and Mr Bush(41) and Mr Carter . Whether or not I agree with their policies does not  affect  the mandate of scripture stated in 1 Timothy , Chapter 2 . One thing I sincerely wish for Mr Obama is that he is never hated as much as Mr Bush has been – closing example . In the crowd outside the White House celebrating Mr Obama’s victory was a sign ” Convict Bush Now “


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  1. Oh yes, Democrats now control 3 of the 4 branches of government
    Presidency, Congress and Mainstream Media

    Comment by tarheeltalker | November 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. At least it’s all over now, as I talk about here

    Comment by wilsonrofishing | November 5, 2008 | Reply

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