Enough Already !!!!!!!!!!

I wasnt gonna do this but I am just so fed up with this kind of stuff . Jon Stewart, the great comedic voice of this generation and so I am told the main source of news for this generation made a speech at Northeastern University on October 17. He was making comments about Sarah Palin and expressing his disdain for her and/or her policies . This man who is so erudite and well spoken resorted to the well worn favorite profanity of so many – “F*** you ” to express his feelings about Ms Palin . He joins such a growing list of Hollywood types ranging from the aged, Betty White and Brigitte Bardot to the young, Lindsay Lohan and the in the middle Ashley Judd . All have expressed their opinions of Ms Palin very colorfully if crudely. Guess Stewart was jealous or just wanted equal time , Oh yes. his audience cheered loudly . As Paul Harvey might say Ahhh ! I dont care if you like Palin, her policies or her party and this could go for the Democrats ( except I havent heard too many celebs talk about Democrats this way ) .as well I guess. Out with the crudity, please, could you ?


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