Just Gotta have It!

At long  last the time has come for an ode to coffee , a paen to that morning or afternoon or evening cup or multiple cups of good ole Joe . Those who know are aware that it is the crucial element for getting one’s day off to a ( great  ) start of any kind . Without it, how unfortunate we would be indeed . Those of you who are not blessed with the taste bud to enjoy coffee have my undying sympathy . Thankfully, my adult children and my beloved wife all share in enjoying this delightful beverage . We do not all drink the same flavorings or  quantities but that is not the main factor,  we all comsume  the brew. We indeed  owe a debt to those who lived in 9th century Ethiopia where the lowly bean was first cultivated . And hats off to Juan Valdez and his burro for their modern day efforts . Whether you enjoy it by dunking a doughnut which is how I started before I learned better or with pie or cake or whatever , I raise my mug and salute  ( health   benefits or lack of same yet to be determined for certain so until the next  study or two or three , drink on ) Hear ! Hear !


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  1. Yes, ode to coffee! beverage of choice, love it no matter how hot it is outside, only problem, I can’t drink the regular all day – caffeine keeps me awake, now that I’m getting older. I can remember mama drinking coffee in the summer and couldn’t understand how she could drink that hot coffee when it was hot outside. If I could tell her now, I’d say, yep mama, I understand! Another memory of mama and coffee was how she would put her finger at the inside top of the cup so she’d know how much coffee she had poured in her cup- this memory of her when her vision was gone – love those memories! Miss you, mama!

    Comment by PShope | November 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. I didn’t remember the part about the finger in the cup measuring device. Very ingenious, I do remember how she could pour a cup that was hot, take 2 steps, put it down and then it was cold. Aren’t we glad how much she taught us about coffee, even when we didn’t know it !

    You’re getting older means I’m getting older. When did this happen and why wasn’t I informed? 😀

    Comment by tarheeltalker | November 11, 2009 | Reply

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