They Said What ?

I wasnt sure about doing  this post so I ‘ll just sorta toss it out there and see . This week on two separate occasions two different Democrats made two essentially identical statements . These were the statements. Jesus was a community organizer just like Barack Obama and Pliate was a governor . The individuals were Donna Brazile , a party strategist ( part of the Clinton Admnistration as well ) and Steve Cohen, member of Congress from Tennessee . Now , there is a lot  one could say but I’m gonna limit my comments just a bit . As an aside, I tried to email Representatice Cohen but he only accepts emails from Tennessee . I want to address the second comment first which ingeniously leaves lots of romm for interpretation . Was this a veiled reference to Sarah Palin, cant be positive but one can certailny draw conclusions from the context . A humorous thought , are they referring to the other 49 governors as well, many of which are Democrats ? . So, was Jesus a community organizer, dont think so by any stretch of the term but He really doesnt need me to defend Him, does He ? Obama supporters, support your guy, campaign for him, whatever but lose the exaggerated rhetoric. This doesnt endear you to evangelical voters and probably not to any other religious minded folks . If anyone from Mr Cohen’s district ( 9th district )  should prechance read this or if  you have any Tennessee acquaintances ask them to contact the Congressman and ask what were you thinkin ?


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