Postseason, Forgetaboutit

As distressing as it is , I believe the above title sums up the New York Yankees chances to continue playing after the regular season ends . Much will be made about their high payroll and you cant buy success , blah, blah blah . Probably some truth there, I guess . As a lifelong Yankees fan , albeit at times more of a fan than at others, ( I rarely yell at the tv or computer anymore when  things go poorly ) I hope that I am not the reason for  their lack of success since I made my first ever trip th New York this year for a last season pilgrimage to the Stadium . Didnt make it to Monument  Park but the Stadium was  even cooler than I had imagined .  Hope to make a visit to the new Stadium maybe next year . As a side note , in the midst of a lousy season , Derek Jeter’s next hit will pass Babe Ruth on the Yankees leader board and second all time to Lou Gehrig . It is quite amazing that Jeter is on pace, barring injury, to become the first Yankee with 3,000 career hits . Future Hall of Famer, ya think ?


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