What Would be your Keepers ?

From time to time I wonder what I would do if told I had to get out of my house in say 30 minutes and could only take what I could carry . Today was one of those days . As an aside , my wife tells me on occasion that she thinks I have already gotten rid of almost everything I own so what could be left . Anyway , back to my keeper selections . These are in no particular order of importance . Should you choose to do that with your list of keepers that will be acceptable . So, gotta take the computer ( thank goodness for flat screen monitors ) , a favorite Bible that I have had for years and in which I have made lots of notes, a small metal box that holds things like birth certificates and favorite keepsakes , and finally here was the tough one . I have a significant collection of North Carolina  memorabilia  (ergo the blog title ) and coudnt decide if it all would make the cut . However, thanks to the miracle of Glad trash bags that problem would be surmounted . In looking back at my little list , I had to wonder what it says about me, especially when  one considers the phrase you are the company you keep . Anyway , have some fun and make thyself a list .


September 4, 2008 - Posted by | Life | , , ,

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