Carter and Dukakis

A couple of our former fav Democrats have made some nonsensical statements of late . And as a service to all , I thought I would pass them along for your consideration . First up , Michael (I look funny in a tank ) Dukakis . Slight paraphrase, in referring to the 1988 presidential election, if i had beaten the ” old guy ” we would not be in this situation we are now and ” I’m sorry ” . Guess he means George H W Bush . Secondly , the ancient one, Jimmy Carter; whom I used to refer to as one of our greatest former Presidents . That still may be true if you think of his presidency . Thanks for those gas lines , they were loads of fun . Anyway, he says that he is tired of Mr McCain referring so often to his five and one-half years as a POW . For my money , a man who spent 66 months as prisoner of war camp can refer to it all he wants so let it go Mr Carter . By the way , take any sixty six months of your life and see how it impacted you . Future note , got a post coming soon, I hope on prospective cabinet officers for Mr Obama if he is elected . Hint, no, ok . These two are definite choices , George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey .


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