Does God Have a Favorite Place ?

Some weeks ago we visited a church that is celebrating its 150th ( I think ) birthday . On this particular Sunday , a former pastor was preaching . He made the comment that this church was hallowed ground and then sort of reversed himself by saying that God has no favorite place . I began wondering if this was true . We hear the phrase hallowed  ground  referred to in regards to places of historical significance and or places where great sacrifices took place, e.g. Gettysburg . But what about in a spiritual sense ? I’m going to posit that God does indeed have a favorite place with the caveat that applying such human terms to the Almighty is by no means an exact comparison to a human analogy ( favorite food , favorite relative etc. ) Ezekiel 38:12 says that Israel is at the center of the world . If one looks at a map. there can be support for this . Over time it has been a crossroads for many empires and has been conquered and dominated many times . So, if one accepts the premise that Israel is at the center of the world, what then ? I don’t remember the source of the statement but it went something like this . Israel the center of the world, Jerusalem as the center of Israel and the Temple Mount as the center of Jerusalem, the place where God Himself ordained that the temple be built . And political maneuvering notwithstanding it will be built again . Ironically or otherwise that this post is today, Secretary of State Rice is proposing that Jerusalem be divided and supposedly high- level talks are ongoing regarding this very thing . I won’t bother to state the obvious about where I stand on that issue . So chew on my theory and see what conclusions you draw. As always, comments are more than welcome.


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