Madonna the Political

During the presidential campaign there already have been and will continue to be many voices seeking to persuade us to vote this way or that way and for a multitude of reasons . An unexpected one has joined the fray so to speak and defines our choices in a very stark comparison . Yes , it’s Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie , well known singer, songwriter and political adviser ? ( she did play Eva Peron in a movie, I think ) . The fifty year old entertainer (yikes ) is currently on tour in England and will proceed elsewhere , I suppose . Her show featured a video juxtaposing John McCain, dictator Robert Mugabe and Hitler who seems to be many people’s favorite Republican comparison . And, in the other corner the video gave us  John Lennon, algore , Ghandi and Barack Obama . So there you have it . Madonna has presented  two groups  of well known individuals – past and present,  and allowed us the privilege of drawing our own conclusions . As a aside , CBS newsman Harry Smith chose to mention that she really looked good and must have been working out a great deal .  It seems that the singer and Mr Smith share the same apartment building in New York and he had seen a number of personal trainers coming and going . Momentous  indeed . Thanks Ms Ritchie for your unsolicited political advise. We will take it under advisement .


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