Cold War, Part Deux

I want to continue along the lines  of Tuesday’s  topic which was the Russo- Georgia conflict. Sorry  for the interlude but every time I start to finish these thoughts , other pertinent info arises . Example, just after we were getting used to a lower price of oil, down to $110 a barrel; Russia kicks Georgia around a bit, leaves several hundred troops behind, just in case,  and voila the oil price shoots up- to $122 a barrel . Russia of course loves this since it gives their economy a great boost . Anyway, so much of what is going on here parallels a fictional book written over 3 years ago by one of my  favorite authors, Joel Rosenberg . The book is entitled The Ezekiel Option and is the third of a series about geopolitical events with rather strong religious overtones ,  but not as religious as the more popular Left Behind series of several years ago . Mr Rosenberg’s two previous books in the series made several ” predictions ” which have actually come to pass, although he makes no prophetic claims for himself . I wont go into what I see as parallels between the book and today but rather would encourage you to check out hus books and website  . And by the way, take the time to read Ezekiel , chapters 38-39 . Shalom.


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