Open Mouth, Insert Ruby Red Slipper

First things first . No doubt, there are multitudes of folks wondering what politician said that their job was to save the planet . Hint, her new book just sold only 2,737 copies its first week and she is the highest ranking female elected official ever in our great country- tada- yes it Ms Nancy Pelosi . Glad thats out of the way . Ms Kay Hagan is the Democrat running for the Senate seat of Ms Elizabeth Dole . Ms Hagan has been trying to make a big deal about Ms Dole not living in North Carolina and that she is going to send her and her ruby red slippers back to Kansas from whence Ms Dole’s husband hails . Insert any Wizard of Oz reference of your choosing at this point . So, Ms Hagan is using the aforementioned slippers as her ” trademark ” and actually received a pair when in Dare County this week . I really wanted to ignore Ms Hagan and her slippers but this article had me saying enough is enough. It is just way too easy to refute her charges about Ms Dole’s residence . But it is way more fun to remember that a prominent senator from New York, one Hilary Rodham Clinton had not lived in that state for virtually any time, being an Illinois native , a long term resident of Arkansas and then a resident of Washington D. C. Apparently New York residence requirements didnt apply in her case or she was not to be criticized for such . So, Ms Hagan , give up the slippers and if thats the best you’ve got , Liddy has another term waiting .


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