Saving the Planet

Today , I read where a very prominent politician said on a news program ( for at least the second time ) that their job was to save the planet . just for fun , I wont mention this individual’s name other than to say it is not algore . Now to me this seems to be either an egotistical statement , an ignorant statement or an extraordinary example of political hubris . The Merrimam- Webster online dictionary defines this lovely word as meaning exaggerated pride or self -confidence . I suppose that we all have had a touch of this from time to time but not likely to the extent that we felt our job was to save the planet. Now confidence in one’s abilities is not bad but one would be wise to keep in mind the words of Scripture that admonish us to not think to highly of ourselves .
Shalom .

August 4, 2008 - Posted by | Politics | ,

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