No More McDonald’s ?

Well, we have news from the left coast, the Los Angeles department thereof about a campaign to reduce the number of fast food restaurants in East L.A. and gradually replace them with ” healthier ” restaurants . The plan which may already have been approved by the city council would place a 1 year moratorium on new fast food establishments in east L. A. which has a preponderance of the evil fast food places and a corresponding ( ? ) higher rate of obesity than more affluent parts of the city . I hope I’m not the only person who is very disturbed by this on several levels . For starters , does one wave a magic wand to get the better restaurants to locate where you want them and wave the wand again to get people to eat there ? Of course, prices would be higher . Secondly , what about making better or different choices when one goes to the McDonald’s, etc of the world . No one makes a person order that Big Mac and king size fries , do they ? Oh yeah, eat at home once in a while . Perhaps the most disturbing thing is once again, a governmental agency purports to know what is best for you and you either dont know whats best or dont care. One might say, this is big city L. A. , why should I even notice . This state by its size is a huge market for everything and ideas and trends , even those that appear a bit wacko, oftentimes migrate eastward . So, dont say you werent warned . Meanwhile enjoy that egg mcmuffin but not too often .


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