What in the World

What is happening around us these days . The economy is struggling with foreclosures and repossessions and the like although oil prices and in tandem gasoline prices are declining – yeay . The Olympics are coming on 8-08-08 , such an interesting date to begin . As an aside, the Chinese are saying that they are going to control the rain so as not to interfere with the events ( more on the Games later ). On August 1 , El Rushbo celebrates 20 years on the airwaves . And finally , President Obama has been traveling overseas , Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Germany and France among others . He isnt president yet you say; from much of what I am reading he sounds like he is and folks over there are acting as if it were so . Examples of comments from the German and French media : Der Spiegel ,”Germany meets the Superstar “, Obamania, Rockbama , president in waiting, president in people’s hearts . Perhaps some of his own comments are worth a listen- citizen of the world, remake the world, etc. It has been very interesting to observe his trip with all the media fanfare and all the highpowered network people interviewing Mr Obama . A couple of telling comments referred to the crowd of 200,000 in Berlin as being the largest of his campaign and another that wondered why his most significant foreign policy speech was taking place overseas . I also thought it somewhat interesting that 1/2 of the cost of the Berlin appearance, about $400,000, was paid by Germany . Wonder how this will play in Peoria and Syracuse and Charlotte and Boise . Stay tuned .


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