What’s in a Name

Lately we have had two hurricanes to make an appearance, Dolly and Cristobal ;a male and a female name . This made me think a bit about the naming process . For many years , all hurricanes were named with female names . Then after some protesting , the process was altered to include male names . And more recently , names of different ethnicities have been included . So, it would seem that all groups who desire to be included in the selection process are now represented . Au contrarie . There are two major unrepresented groups who cannot speak for themselves, so I shall speak for them . I refer to dogs and cats . Where , pray tell, are hurricanes named Fido, Spot, Fluffy , Rover , Lassie , Rin- Tin-Tin , Bullet , Satchel, Bucky, Maramduke, Astro – you get the picture . After all, when there is a hurricane, it usually rains cats and dogs . So, let the lobbying began . Hurricane Spot anyone ? (Other dog and cat names will be considered . )

July 23, 2008 - Posted by | Weather | , ,

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