Watch out for that Tree

I recently read an article about a church here in Elizabeth City and its misadventures with a 100 yr old pecan tree on its property . ( The church and the aforementioned tree lie within the purview of our Historic Neighborhood Assoc ) The church received permission in 2005 to demolish its old parsonage , next door to the church . They did not receive permission to take down said tree, but proceeded to do so anyway . Major faux pas , of course . The church has been fined $40 , required to remove the remains of said tree and plant 3 new canopy ( shade ? ) trees . Perhaps you agree with the city , perhaps not . After all , the city has a legally correct position, it appears . The entire process sorta puzzles me though . The fine is as large as it can be , I believe so how big a deal is this really and I wonder how much time and money did the city actually expend and was it worth it . Even if you are right , is it good practice to ” punish ” a church ? Dont misunderstand, I like trees and I like history but this whole process just doesnt quite seem to be city government at its most efficient . Just in case though , maybe you should go plant a tree after you finish this post .


July 21, 2008 - Posted by | Culture | , ,

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