I suppose that the above title brings to mind something of value , previously undiscovered and perhaps of significant monetary value . For my purposes, points one and two are accurate . My nuggets are written and they come from the pages of the Bible . A little background first . Over 20 years ago, my wife and I were in a number of Bible studies under the auspices of Precept Ministries, founded by Kay and Jack Arthur . Part of the studies consisted of five hours per week of homework relative to that week’s study . On Sundays , we met to review and comment on our studies .The gentleman who led our study coined for me the word nugget , which he applied to a particularly meaningful verse . Among other things from those studies , that concept has stayed with me . I have discovered a number of nuggets over the years- verses that click or that God seems to infuse with special meaning for me . My number one or life verse is Isaiah 40:31 ( look it up if you wish ) Another meaningful one is Psalm 46:10 which I alluded to yesterday . The Psalms seem to abound with nuggets for me since I spend lots of time there- just a few – Psalm 122:6, 150:6, 141:3 and for my children, 90:16 . My point if I have one is to spend time in the Word and seek out a verse to call your own.


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